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  • Buttons and Bows Feature

    Buttons and Bows Buttons and Bows Ltd. was one of the first shops in Yaya Centre and opened in 1988. It was the only Haberdashery in the area and has been serving loyal customers, schools, and NGOs for 30 years. They also specialize in tailoring; from small-scale mending work to large hotel curtain stitching. They have a wide array of…

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  • Wexer Brand Agency Feature

    Wexer Brand Agency was founded by Samuel Wekesa, who is now the creative director of the firm. Once a freelance web and graphic designer, he now has the company registered and specializes in visual branding services such as advertising, printing, web design and graphic design. Samuel believes the company can be best described as being creative, personalised and customer-centric. The…

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