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Wexer Brand Agency was founded by Samuel Wekesa, who is now the creative director of the firm. Once a freelance web and graphic designer, he now has the company registered and specializes in visual branding services such as advertising, printing, web design and graphic design. Samuel believes the company can be best described as being creative, personalised and customer-centric.

The 2019 goal for the company is to increase their corporate clientele and provide internship oppurtunities for students hoping to gain experience in the field. Samuel joined SCAK to be able to share ideas, connect and learn from fellow SCAK members. He also sees this as an opportunity to get high profile clients for his business.

Samuel is very impressed by the book Power of Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe, being his all time favourite book.

For further information you can contact Samuel on:

T: 0729465838



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