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Waste Management Article

As a developing country, the use of plastic has been integral in its growth especially in the production sector. However, improper management of solid waste in Kenya has led to many problems since plastic is non-biodegradable and a major source of pollution in the country. Banning plastic bags and looking for an alternative was just the first step. But what can you as a retailer do to help solve this crisis?

Here are some ways you as a retailer can start implementing in 2019 to help reduce plastic pollution:

  1. One of the major parts of waste management is sorting out the waste products. Invest in multiple bins each labeled to collect a different type of waste. Encourage consumers to use these bins and help out with the sorting process from the very beginning.
  2. Get in touch with recycling companies. Recycling companies collect your waste and are quite affordable. We have a SCAK member called Takataka Solutions who deals in the recycling of waste, get in touch with them by clicking here.
  3. If you are a restaurant, establish policies that allow consumers to return packaging tins for recycling, this will not only lower your cost of purchasing takeaway containers but help save the environment.
  4. Begin looking for companies that produce plastic products with minimal use of plastic in them. Research shows the when companies reduce the amount of plastic (by redesigning or restructuring their packaging) per product; tonnes of plastic used is reduced. These products are also cheaper to buy.
  5. Invest in organisations that promote plastic reduction and take part in their campaigns, this helps provide methods of reducing waste and can use your donation to further their cause. Using their brand in your shop can also help attract customers who are aware of and concerned for the environment.
  6. Host collaborations with other retailers to raise awareness on the issue. This event can also attract more customers to your shops after and can be an excellent way to increase sales.

Plastic consumption and pollution are major issues facing our world today and a great threat to the environment. Please consider using the methods outlined above from 2019. A new year a new beginning!

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