SCAK Mystery Shopper Service

SCAK launches Mystery Shopper service

Shopping Centres Association of Kenya is providing its members with a free mystery shopper service.

Read on to find out more.

What is the SCAK mystery shopper service?

  • SCAK mystery shopper service will provide an unbiased customer evaluation to the shopping mall and retail
  • The report from the mystery shopper assessment can be used to help organisations improve customer experience, premises appearance, and operations as well as contribute to identifying employee training needs.
  • Customer satisfaction and experience
    Mystery shopping gives an organisation an inside look into the customer experience and provides an independent mechanism to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Employee evaluation
    Mystery shopping provides insight into how employees are interacting with customers and the level of service delivered.
  • Future trainin needs
    The findings can assist organisations to improve training processes by identifying areas where employees lacked skills or competencies.


What areas will be assessed by the mystery shopper?

  • Premises cleanliness and appearance
  • Employee behaviours and service levels
  • Customer experience
  • Path to purchase and completion


Who is eligible to participate in the mystery shopper service?

  • All SCAK members are eligible

What is the cost of the mystery shopper service?

  • FREE for SCAK members


Complete this form to register interest in the mystery shopper service;

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