Black Friday Sales Boosting Hacks

Black Friday is back this year on the 23 November 2018 and it brings with it Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This is a great opportunity for superstore retailers, e-commerce, chain and independent stores to boost sales preceding the holiday season that comes in December. Consumers tend to use this period to start holiday and Christmas shopping and you can use it to summon them to your stores and increase sales as well as get into the holiday festivities!   Here are some simple hacks that will help drive a frenzy during this shopping bonanza weekend.

Pick the sale offers and promotions…

  • Conduct a stock take. Identify the items you have in excess and get rid of slow moving stock in the form of discounts and offers. Make a list of what’s in and out for the sale season!
  • Launch ‘too good to resist’ value adding sale offers and promotions. This speaks for itself, give the consumer a real reason to browse your store online and walk through the store doors.
  • Collaborations rock. Partner with other retailers and malls to bring even greater value to the consumer. Give consumers an enticing reason to visit.
  • Make the mall an attraction for consumers. Plan events, competitions, and activities for the weekend. For example, A mystery gift for the 1000th shopper into the mall.

Communicate, communicate, communicate…

  • Set up a shop front window display. Don’t underestimate the power of this communication channel to announce the sale offers to attract passing traffic into the stores.
  • Inform and train employees. Communicate the offers and promotions to all employees. Ensure they are well versed to inform customers, whilst providing excellent customer service throughout.
  • Create a furor of excitement. Use google business listing, company website, social media handles, blogs, influencers, and others to engage consumers and create a buzz about the great value offers available only over Black Friday weekend.

Sales, sales, sales…

  • Start trending and make your store a must-visit stop for the weekend. #BlackFridayBonanza
  • Wait for the Black Friday event and sell away!

Black Friday and the other retail holidays bring with them an amazing opportunity to improve sales. Begin preparing now and get the word out, Black Friday is not too far away!

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