Is sustainability baked into your business strategy?

Wake-up call for conscious capitalism

Doing more with less and doing “good” is radically transforming businesses processes around the globe. In a decade from now, this trend will hit all businesses, even businesses in developing economies, head on. As connected consumers start demanding transparency and fairness from the brands they engage with, the bar will be raised. Opportunities will open for brands who aspire to conscious capitalism.

Every manager, no matter the industry, needs to be thinking and planning now for a business landscape where equal weighting will be given to financial goals, social impact and environmental obligations. Not only will doing this now help you to identify the real issues in your industry that your consumers, employees and shareholders care about, it will also make you feel a whole lot better about the impact of the work you do every day. You can look across the whole value chain for opportunities to do better: sourcing sustainable materials; minimising waste; recycling and generally improving efficiency.

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